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  • Psychotherapy Consultation

    Study and Consultation Groups
    Shawn Hales, Psy.D., offers both individual and group consultation for psychotherapists of all types. A regular consultation experience could be of help to you whether you are a newly licensed social worker, a counselor of many years, or a psychologist hoping to hone your counseling skills. Each group takes on it’s own unique style depending upon the needs of the individuals. Some consultation groups focus in on general experiences with clients, highlighting professional and personal methods to increase your therapeutic understanding. Other consultation groups allow for careful follow up of specific troubling cases, or difficult diagnoses over the course of many weeks.

    The consultation experience is not formal supervision of your professional work. You cannot “count” these hours for licensure, or official training. However, the intention of the groups is to create a valuable, interactive, and supportive community of other mental health professionals. The meetings occur online for one hour on a monthly basis. Usually, there is time for 2 therapists to present each time. Members are expected to commit to at least 6 months, although groups can agree to continue long past that initial commitment. In the past, topics have included (1) approaches to personality disorders, (2) self-exploration of the “transference” or reaction to client concerns, (3) building and marketing your psychotherapy skills, (4) methods to confidently diagnose, (5) using alternative treatments to complement traditional counseling (nutrition, herbs, exercise), (6) use of tests, surveys to add value. Members are expected to protect any information that might identify a client or specific work product from their practices. The goal of group consultation is to receive feedback from other professionals, gathering their perspective on the client issues you may present for consideration. The support we receive from one another helps us have access to the wisdom that lies deep within us.


    The cost is $100 per meeting in a group setting each month, using Zoom as a platform. Please email Shawn at [email protected] to see what consultation groups are available, and to see if this group has openings, or to be on the waiting list. CE credit is not currently available, but is in process of being secured for future consultations. An extra, but minimal charge will likely be included for such CE credit.

    Shawn is a licensed psychologist in Maryland. He has been practicing since earning his doctorate in 1995. He has worked in a variety of mental health settings, including school based counseling, state agencies, college teaching and private practice. His training and experience has covered the wide breadth of modalities, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, marriage and family therapy, CBT, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and psychological testing. He has taught undergraduate and graduate level coursework at Stevenson University, and Loyola University in Maryland. He has a private practice in Towson, MD. Shawn is also available for one-time or ongoing individual consultations, either in person or via Zoom or phone, and to facilitate small consultation or study groups at a distance. Please contact him via email to see what is possible.