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  • Career Counseling


    You may be looking for career counseling, personal consulting or mentoring, or for a deep assessment of how you are “wired” to add value and impact the world.

    **By the way, that’s not Dr. Hales’ picture below his name!**

    Dr. Shawn Hales specializes in helping you uncover your natural abilities, career interests, life values or personal style and designing a personalized path for you to get where you must go. He is serving people who want to find their purpose and create their story by discovering more about themselves and taking a powerful journey to get there.

    Dr. Hales brings a 25+ year history in the mental health field, with a focus on changing lives using positive psychology, consultation, and coaching.  Dr. Hales has taught courses in ethics, statistics, and the powerful methods of personal transformation that can be employed in 1:1 meetings.  He has owned his own business, of which Clarity Centers is the current iteration.  And, he’s served other business owners to reposition their companies towards success.

    Contact Dr. Shawn Hales for personal mentoring with your needs in uncovering your natural academic focus, career match and/or life direction at 410-853-7773 or [email protected]


    The process of Career Counseling that Dr. Hales uses will enable you to review your work history, education, strengths, accomplishments, problem areas, skills, values, motivations and goals. When selected, his unique career assessments are second-to-none.  Dr. Hales’ career coaching and career assessment packages create a very personal picture of how you are “wired to make a difference.” The process can take 5 or more hours of testing to uncover your natural gifts, personal outlook, creativity, social/emotional strengths, and skills. You can select a self-paced program of assessment and video results, or add 1:1 coaching to move through your career development with accountability and encouragement.

    Whether you’re seeking a new career direction, selecting a college major, uncovering your unique talents, more work/life balance, or a refresh of your life goals, Dr. Hales can help. He coaches and mentors student and professional clients by identifying key strengths and accomplishments while assessing your personality type, unique giftedness and career interests.

    To find out more, read this professional description.  Contact him at 410-853-7773 or [email protected]

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