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  • Child and Adolescent Counseling

    Child Counseling

    We’re happy to announce that we now offer individual therapy services for children ages 5-10. Our therapists are trained professionals who specialize in treating behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, grief and more. Our child and adolescent program provides children with a safe space for therapeutic conversations about their thoughts and feelings.

    The sessions are tailored to each individual child’s needs, so they may include educational components, activities such as artwork or even play therapy techniques. This new approach has been shown to be successful with many kids who were previously unresponsive during traditional therapy sessions. These interactive sessions have had great results with children that suffer from ADHD or autism spectrum disorders and children who often did not respond well to one-on-one conversations.

    Call us today at 410-853-7773, or reach out by email at [email protected] for more information on how to get your child scheduled with a counselor.


    Counseling for Adolescents

    Clarity Centers offers professional counseling services for adolescents ages 11-18. As children mature into adolescence, they often experience increased stress which may require therapeutic support and insight. Changes to the mind and body is a major life event that may create challenges leading to behavioral issues such as defiance of parental rules or communication problems with friends. These issues need a strategic plan to help teens navigate their way through these tough times while still achieving success at school, home, work, etc. 

    Therapy sessions are found to be tailored specifically towards the developmental needs of this age group. This development comes at an important time when many adolescents are struggling with defining themselves and communicating with those around them. To help them through this process, they may need therapeutic support from someone who can assist them in their communication skills and guide them through difficult or confusing situations. Our team of licensed therapists provide an environment where clients feel safe enough to explore themselves without judgement or condemnation so we can learn what makes them tick and how we can better help them.


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