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  • How can a psychiatric evaluation help me?

    As a psychologist, I often get mistaken for a psychiatrist. People ask, “Can you prescribe medications?”  The quick answer is no, I didn’t go to medical school.  The long answer is that I enjoy the counseling and consulting and testing aspects of my work, so much more than understanding the ins and outs of medications.  That’s why I work to get the best psychiatric professionals for my practice, Clarity Centers.

    I may not be the expert, but I want all patients of my practice to have some options for seeking expertise in areas like psychiatry that I can’t help with.

    Let me give you an example.

    During the COVID season, when many people were aiming towards self improvement, I had a client who was considering whether medication could help her with some long standing mood changes.  I referred her to Clarity Center’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Dr. Mariel Otter.  After that one hour consult, she went away with a much better understanding of a diagnosis that made sense, and could be helped by adding a medication.  

    The woman’s life was truly transformed by the medication management.  She had an accurate name for her struggle.  And, with the care of regular visits and adjustments, the chosen medication began to work.  

    Our counseling from that point on, had better outcomes.  Goals were more obtainable, choices came easier, and there was more energy for living.

    Give us a call today to talk through whether a psychiatric medication evaluation could be of benefit to you.  In addition to Dr. Mariel Otter, we have a new provider, Kristin Huntley, PMHNP-BCwho brings many years of experience as a nurse.  She also offers evaluations for medical marijuana in Maryland.