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  • Virtual Reality Therapy

    How does Virtual Reality Therapy help me?

    VR Therapy is a unique therapy method that helps you learn better methods to manage many situations you are dreading. During a VR session in our Towson office, the person puts on a headset similar to the kind used in many modern video games. This VR therapy can also be used from the comfort of your own home. We can send you a headset that can use your own smartphone to connect to our software remotely. A simulation program unique to your needs is selected. The person is immersed in the environment, looking up, down, and all around. Sometimes the virtual environment involves social situations in order to practice for interactions in real-life situations.

    Virtual Reality Therapy allows you to feel as if you are in a setting, but the therapist can manipulate the program to adjust to the stressors you may be feeling. By working through your reactions, large percentages of people who have used VR Therapy have managed to put their worries and painful experiences behind them.


    Virtual Reality Therapy Benefits to our Patients

    Some of the benefits of virtual reality therapy include:

    • Allowing the patient to try some things without as much anxiety. For example: in the case of an airplane phobia, it is much easier to be exposed to fears in an office rather than to physically go to the place they know will bring a highly anxious reaction.
    • Experiencing the phobia and/or its triggers without taking the time to travel to an actual location. For the fear of flying phobia, you simply sit in a chair, rather than going to the airport numerous times for several small exposures to your triggers.
    • Privacy for the patient: you avoid potential embarrassment by seeing someone you know or possibly being upset in a public area while working on fears.
    • The therapist builds trust by carefully controlling the situation, making adjustments that are useful for learning to work through anxious feelings. VR Therapy allows you trigger some experiences of an environment or activity, but the counselor can adjust or even stop the environment if you become overwhelmed.
    • The therapy is more realistic, in that you can go places or experience things you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. There are fantastical environments for meditation, or enjoyable scenes that teach you to focus on breathing, heart rate, etc. In addition, VR Therapy can be much safer than some real-life settings and minimizes any risk involved.
    • Our VR Therapy sessions are shorter than those that require you to visit an actual external location for exposure therapy.
    • VR Therapy can be repeated at your individual pace. Our sessions can be repeated until the patient has achieved mastery and is ready to move on to another phase of treatment.


    Providers Available for Virtual Reality Therapy



    Clarity Centers offers our virtual reality therapy in our Towson, MD, offices and also across Maryland via teletherapy.

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