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  • Bariatric Evaluation

    You are committed to improving your personal health.

    You are ready to lose weight and willing to try scientific methods.

    You are willing to undergo surgery to encourage the physical changes you most want to see in your life.

    Our Clarity Centers team offers evaluations for patients seeking a bariatric surgery. If you are accepted as a candidate for bariatric surgery, your doctor’s office will likely refer you for evaluation or a review with a psychologist. Although this may seem surprising to you, your physician will need to become more familiar with you and your individual situation and needs. This is why a psychologist is needed.

    This evaluation will include your history, background with weight loss, and your strengths and challenges. We will ask you questions about whether you have a strong motivation to exercise as your weight is reducing. We also want to make certain that you have a complete understanding of the effects of surgery on your body, and whether you experience the supportive relationships needed to be successful.

    Maybe most importantly, our Bariatric Evaluation can also help find aspects of your life where you might need support after surgery. This could include feelings of worry or depression, changes in your moods, poor relationship supports. We also believe it is important to identify what “triggers” you have around food. Some people seek food to calm their nerves, or regulate “stress” in their lives. A successful surgery includes lifestyle changes afterwards that will help you keep the weight off.


    Clarity Centers staff can also offer a clearance for Bariatric Surgeries in the state of New York.

    Lisa Blum, Ph.D., is licensed in New York and has a specialty in these evaluations and clearances.

    Contact us on our New York line for more information at 716-427-4339, or reach out at [email protected]